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Film submissions for the 25th Annual Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival are open now. Please see the deadlines and fees below for the June 10-15, 2014 festival.

Send your screener DVD(s) to:

Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival-HGLCF
Attn: Programming Committee
1670 Makaloa Street #204, PMB #370
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Submit your film through Withoutabox:
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( submission discounts and extended deadline available)



Deadline Time Period Project Length Submission Fee
EARLYBIRD Postmarked by DECEMBER 16, 2013 Projects under 30min $25.00 US
Projects over 30min $25.00 US
REGULAR DECEMBER 17, 2013 – JANUARY 13, 2014 Projects under 30min $30.00 US
Projects over 30min $30.00 US
LATE JANUARY 14, 2014 – FEBRUARY 17, 2014 Projects under 30min $45.00 US
Projects over 30min $45.00 US
WAB EXTENDED FEBRUARY 18, 2014 – MARCH 7, 2014 Projects under 30min $50.00 US
Projects over 30min $50.00 US



1. Your submission must be received post-paid to the HRFF office and bear a postmark of December 16, 2013 for the EARLYBIRD DEADLINE, January 13, 2014 for the REGULAR DEADLINE,  February 17, 2014 for the LATE DEADLINE, and March 07, 2014 for the WAB Extended Deadline.

2. Entry fee is waived for all Hawaii-based filmmakers. Verification may be required.

3. Your film should have been completed no earlier than November 2012.

4. We welcome entries of any length in all genres. We are particularly interested in presenting U.S. and World Premieres.

5. The Festival will consider works-in-progress, films with temporary sound tracks, digital outputs, and work that did not originate from film.

6. Submissions to the Shorts/Music Videos category must submit TWO (2)  DVDs (NTSC only) for the Preview Copies.

7. Online screeners are okay to submit.  Online screener links should be mailed to:

8. We will inform you of our selection decision by approx. April 2014.



All features and shorts are eligible for Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival Awards. Several annual film awards are presented annually: The Adam Baran Award, the Phred Love Award for Best Hawaii Film, the Rainbow Award, Best Short Film and Best Feature Film



1. Feature Films (60min. or more) must submit TWO (2) DVD (NTSC only)

2. Short Films/Music Videos must submit TWO (2) DVD (NTSC only)

3. One press kit with photo stills from your film.

4. Payment (see “ENTRY FEES”)



If your film is selected for exhibition, please be advised that the Festival will require the following:

1. Additional press kits with photo stills (color and/or black & white)

2. Film trailers, clip reels, EPKs (if available), posters, and postcards in the effort of maximizing exposure for your film.

3. DVD or Blu-Ray Disc (NTSC) final formats. Please note that the Festival will not accept PAL formats. The filmmaker is required to provide an NTSC version. The festival will not pay for any dubbing transfers from PAL to NTSC.

4. Headshot of Director

5. Two Synopses of film, a short and long version, exceeding no more than 25 words and 125 words, respectively.

6. Non-English films must be subtitled in English.



1. Packaging – Ship your DVDs in a bubble-pack envelope whenever possible. If you must use a fiber-pack, please wrap the DVD in a plastic bag. The festival is not responsible for damage to discs incurred during transport.

2. Costs & Labeling – All shipping costs to and from Honolulu must be borne by the sender. All DVDs must indicate title, shipper’s name, and return shipping address. To confirm receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped postcard with your entry.

3. International entries – All entries from outside the U.S. should be sent Air Mail Registered or by parcel or express service. The Festival cannot accept entries shipped by air freight if customs and delivery fees are not paid.

4. Return of Entries – Unless indicated, preview DVDs will not be returned. You must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope if you wish your preview DVD to be returned. U.S. rates are $8.00 and international is $12.00. All other unclaimed DVDs will be recycled. Submitted press materials will not be returned.

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