Half Share Part 2 with Alec Mapa

You’ve heard from the directors of Half-Share! Now here’s the inside scoop from actor Alec Mapa.

Sunday, June 03 @ 7:45pm HALF-SHARE
Plays with MEN TO KISS 

Synopsis: HRFF alums and favs. ALEC MAPA (Going Down in La La Land) and JESSE ARCHER (Violet Tendencies) star in this ecstatically hilarious Fire-Island based comedy.  Check your inhibitions on the mainland and hop aboard the fairy ferry to the Island of Misfit Boys!  Fire Island is like Summer Camp…with better abs!

Tell us what was it like filming “Half-Share” on Fire-Island?

Fire Island is a magical, hedonistic paradise and we had filmed at the very end of the season. The whole place felt like a bunch of naughty fun stuff had not just happened all summer but for the past 50 years.Michael Lucas loaned me his house and there was a mirror on the ceiling in my bedroom. It was fun as hell.

Your a HRFF Alumnus… How do you think the Honolulu Rainbow FF audience will receive “Half-Share”?

If the last audience I sat in was any indication I’m sure they’ll have a blast. I didn’t get the sense that anyone in Honolulu took themselves or the festival too seriously, and I loved that.

What is one of your favorite scenes in the film and why?

I loved when we filmed the good bye scene on the ferry. By the end of the week all of us had actually become very good friends and the affection we all felt for each other was pretty genuine. Of course, it could’ve just been acting on everyone else’s part….

If you had to choose Jesse Archer (“Lex”/writer/producer/co-director) or Sean Handley(writer/producer/co-director) to be stranded on a deserted islandwho would you pick and why?

Well, Sean is very attractive and smart and funny, but Jesse is indestructible. He can smoke or drink anything and still be a functioning person the next day. I think I’d pick Jesse because he’d get me fucked up all the time and he’d live longer.

Sunday, June 03 @ 7:45pm HALF-SHARE
Plays with MEN TO KISS 

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